February 21, 2019

The Corus PTZ is a key element in the whole Actaris chain, from the meter to the billing data, because it converts the actual volume measured. For each FLUXI TZ and DELTA meters, correction according to pressure, temperature and compressibility factor (meaning the transformation in real. CORUS is an electronic volume converter dedicated to commercial and industrial applications. It converts the actual volume measured by the gas meter to.

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Nature of the event?

The user can program a number of pulses Np and a duration Dp. The activation duration of the alarm outputs can be selected. Recorded data and number of records can be freely set. The outputs generate a pulse every time the actris unconverted or converted index gets increased by a value equal to the selected output pulse weight.

This input shares the same terminals J3 and J4 and the same cable as actariss main LF input.

VERIBOX – Automatic meter Reading

According to the European regulation, it bears the CE marking and complies with the following directives: CORUS uses the measured working values of volume, pressure and temperature to provide:. It must be preferentially screwed to the “Pr” reference pressure tap of the meter: Then, It is strictly forbidden to replace the battery unit by any battery other than the one specified by ‘Actaris’ reference: When CORUS is used in the external power supply mode, the supply has to be provided through an intrinsically safe module with electrical compatible parameters ; Use of any other type of module is strictly forbidden.

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These two actions are mandatory to achieve a correct water tightness of the enclosure. Then, when Corus PTZ detects that an input is not in its normal state, the corresponding alarm is generated.

Itron Corus Gas Volume Converter from MWA Technology

If the functions is activated, every time they are updated, the instantaneous flows are compared respectively to: From acfaris screen, a long press on the ‘OK’ key launches a test of the display. The temperature measurement period is programmable from 1 to 20 seconds. It can withstand an overpressure of 1.

All cable glands have moreover to be tightened enough. Place the metrologic cover and seal it? Contact us to get a quote or a custom-tailored demonstration with one of our business advisors. The non-metrological firmware can be updated in the field without stopping operations and without breaking the metrological seals MID.

The time closed of the volume pulse outputs can be programmed its default is value of ms. Atcaris temperature sensor has an IP67 protection degree according to EN and is delivered with a cable length of either cors. To avoid erroneous operations, it is recommended to read the whole operating manual before putting the CORUS into operation.

When the alarm occurs: If the function is activated, an alarm of the above list is set if the corresponding flow-rate gets higher or lower than the threshold. LF input pulse weight?


It allows to check the good operating of the metering function and of the pulse emitter of the meter. The fixed part includes the following data: The various LF cable Binder plug available are: Solenvis continue to supply meters and services to RWE nPower.

Two 2 operating pressure range are available: Program the required parameters Keyboard or communication? The connection of the CORUS to any other instrument or device must be done in accordance to the electrical parameter indicated in the certificate. All daily consumptions are stamped from the gas hour to the gas hour of the next day.

Corus Gas Volume Corrector | Gas Flow Computers | UK

Energy Learning community online Be part of the big picture, share your knowledge and get access to experience and expertise from others Visit our forum. A disc made into a magnetic material is fixed under the cover and allows the mechanical fixing of the optical head.

The alarm outputs can remain active: During the main cut, the internal backup battery will ensure the total functioning of Actaria PTZ and the battery counter will be decreased with the same management described in the “battery alarm” chapter. Mode battery, externalautonomy: