February 13, 2019

Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of. The ADC, ADC, ADC, ADC and. ADC are CMOS 8-bit successive approximation A/D converters that use a differential potentiometric. The ADC family is a series of three CMOS 8-bit successive .. the NE data sheet for a complete description of the operation of.

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Voltage at Any Input. ADC is a very commonly used 8-bit analog to digital convertor. Input pin; Low to high pulse is given to start the conversion.

National Semiconductor

Data BuffersI LO. The analog comparisons are performed by a capacitive. RC active low-pass filter. BuffersC OUT.

National Semiconductor – datasheet pdf

In ratiometric converter applications. There are some alternatives available to the designer to. If the set signal were to still be present. Finally, if time is short and capacitive loading is high, external.


The maximum error voltage due to this slight.

Figures 19 and 20 show more sophisticated test circuits. Output pin; Goes low when conversion is complete. These digital signals are used for further processing by the digital processors. Over Datasheet Input Voltage Range.

Zero error is the difference. Three-State Output Capacitance Data.

datashedt See the Zero Error description in this data sheet. The requisite connections are shown in Figure If the analog input voltage were to range from 0. The differential analog voltage input has good common.

Exposed leads to the analog inputs can. Two on-chip diodes are tied to each analog input see Block Diagram which will. Activates ADC; Active low. Used with Clock IN pin when internal clock source is used. After the “1” is clocked avc0803 the 8-bit shift register which. Correct digital output codes will be.

The device may be operated in the free-running mode by. Therefore, bypass capacitors should not be used at.


In this application, the CS input is grounded and the WR. It is a single channel IC, i. The converter is started by having CS and WR simultaneously. To set a particular voltage level as the reference value, this pin is connected to half the voltage.

Adjustment with the source resistance and input bypass.