February 10, 2019

Hey hopefully taking the RIC in the spring. Anyone out there have a RIC guide from one they took possibly in a PDF or something that I can get. Membership Director: Henry Beyer [email protected] Program AMGA Guide Education and Certification Program. AMGA Rock Guide Course & Aspirant Exam Overview . The packet will include: program manual, roster, location map, . The AMGA rock exam will weed you out. For twelve hours a day, five days in a row, we guided the best rock guides in the US up convoluted.

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Thanks for a great coursethis has been well worth my time a money. How long is the course and how does the certification work? Ryan is the founder and owner of Rock Dimensions Climbing Guidesbeginning his professional climbing career as a Recreation Management student at Appalachian State University in When the course was over, I was wishing for another five days.

He is actively engaged in several facets of adventure education including group-based experiential education, wilderness medicine, rock, alpine and high altitude guiding, and university outdoor programming.

AMGA SPI – Pikes Peak Alpine School

This course provides the skills and knowledge for recreational climbers to transition into a professional role as a climbing instructor. Several colleges and universities now offer college credit for the course. Certified Top Rope Site Managers who can provide an instructor carnet include site, group size and type, type of top roping, and witness demonstrating more than 25 days per year teaching rock climbing or personally climbing may take a two day AMGA Top Rope Site Manager Update course.

May th, August th, September th, Course Cost: It amazed me that you could set up 5 – 6 climbs in insteuctor time it took most of us to set one and still keep an eye on what’s going on around instrkctor like seeing an unlocked carabiner 30′ away and then have time to drink a Coke and you still can’t even bend over ed.


While not all amba are fully prepared for the certification exam by the end of the course, every participant will have the training to practice and prepare for an exam in the future and will leave the course with many new ideas and skills useful to both their professional and personal climbing pursuits. Managing belays – Considerations for choosing bottom managed or top managed belay sytems and how to definitively prevent student belay failures.

The course focuses on the learning and application of technical skills as they are applied in all forms of top rope climbing instruction including both bottom and top managed systems.

Jon has over 30 years of local and worldwide experience.

We specialize in designing customized experiences or training for you, your family or your group. Top managed climbs – How to set up a direct student belay that can be easily escaped while allowing the instructor full visibiltiy of the climber. Equipment knowledge and care – Detailed information that instructors should know about regarding rope, webbing materials, carabiners, hardware, belay devices, etc.

Typical participants include climbing school instructors, climbing gym staff, camp staff, leaders of scouting groups, and university and school coutse program leaders. He currently teaches Rock Climbing through the P. Those working close to urban settings who have EMS back up immediately available and are within approximately a two hour transport period from time of incident to actual arrival at a hospital must have at least a,ga 16 hour course in Basic First Aid and CPR.

AMGA Guide Training Courses

Teaching and Learning – Practice and role modelling of teaching climbing activities and skills that address major learning styles. You are able to comfortably lead and safely protect 5. Participants will be assessed on both their core knowledge and their ability to effectively teach and coach related amgq.

If we are not able to meet your schedule, we will be happy to refer you to other qualified guides.

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You then may take the exam immediately or have up to 3 years to take the exam. See course listing above. Raising – Simple methods for raising climbers without additional tools.

For News and Course Info. Sites that feature multitudes of both traditional and re-directed top rope climbs and unique site challenges are easily accessible. The course addresses fundamental educational and environmental principles as they relate to teaching climbing.

We are also available to travel to your site.

More specifically, this includes:. This update course must be taken prior to the expiration of current certificate. Certified Top Rope Site Managers who do not meet the above requirements are required to participate in another course and exam.

AMGA rock instructor/guide courses…Who’s dunnit?

The supplemental knowledge and specialized skills provided are designed to allow the Sport Climbing Instructor to effectively operate at outdoor climbing sites. Course Details Course Leader: Lead climbing experience and possession of a GriGri or Cinch is highly recommended but not required.

Many recreational climbers take courses simply to benefit from exposure to current research and new techniques, becoming a more knowledgeable and safer climber. Each instructor trainer has undergone a selective process that includes co-instruction with a lead instructor trainer, along with an individual review by the PCIA Technical Committee and evaluation on the merits of their background.

Sign up for an existing course or contact Rock Dimensions to provide a specific training for your organization. A candidate who does not reach the certification standard in the course may schedule additional training or retake the exam at the discretion of the instructor.