March 18, 2019

Worr Game Products Autococker Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Worr Machine Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Superstock Gun Diagram · Worr Game. Does anyone know where I can get/view the autococker sr manual?. Owners manuals for the Worr games Products (WGP) autocockers.

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Each autoxocker you scroll the wheel down, the time will decreases by 1 ms. Below is an explanation of each mode: To exit programming mode hold the power button for 3 seconds, until the OLED screen turns off.

Autococker SR Manual

Break beam eyes blocked, check eyes. Reassembly is easy, press the hose all the auttococker into the fitting. If the pressure is too high, the system will re-cock but do it more violently. Manul pressure from regulator. A Timing is the length of time between when your marker fires and when it starts to re-cock.

This is to ensure that if you go out to a field and shooting high that you have some manjal to back it out. A Before you air up your marker always be sure to cock the marker first, this will take the pressure off of the valve and stop the air from escaping, if you still hear air escaping try oiling and firing the marker a few times in a safe environment to seat the valve.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights. The ASR frame has been designed to be trouble free but still may autococked some minor maintenance.

Hammer is resting on the valve stem. This is the external O-ring at the top of the valve. If there is not enough pressure to manuak ram, the marker may re-cock but not fully and completely.

Autococker SR Manual –

The ram pushes the pump rod back and forth cocking the marker and loading paintballs. This should only be done with specialized tools. Tippmann SL68 Pump Action. Set the feedneck up how you prefer it and tighten both screws before a game.

Rap4 Autocockwr Protection and Pads. Now turn the marker on and fire the marker releasing the hammer. Take the marker into an approved service center for maintenance. Be sure that the hole in between the 2 O-rings on your bolt is always facing down.

The SR features include: All air passages are internally ported to increase ,anual and reduce maintenance while increasing ROF. The hammer should float and move smoothly even with out the spring pushing it.


Go back to step 2. Ce document au format PDF 1. Lubricate all moving parts with Vaseline, and reassemble. Planet Eclipse Gloves Pull the augococker and fire the marker.

WGP Autococker SR Paintball Marker

There are 2 ways to adjust the velocity of the ASR and other traditional Autococker style markers. Any fire mode b. Carefully remove both left and right side panels Figure Eye Operation and Logic: Paintballs may cause staining of some porous surfaces such as brick, stucco and wood. When the hammer is forward, it will push the valve slightly, and hold it open. Clean the sear and carefully reassemble.

The ASR been designed with new dual ball detents nubs autoocker should eliminate double feeding. Mode 12 is the normal full-automatic fire mode. This will distribute the oil throughout the marker and lubricate the internals. Remove the barrel sock and then remove the barrel. Ensure bolt clears breech fully. If you go up too far past this point, you will actually see the velocity begin to drop.