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Between Oxus and Jumna: A Journey in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan [Arnold J. Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus and Jumna [Arnold Joseph Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus And Jumna [Arnold Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between the rivers of Oxus and Jumna (that is from Iran.

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But if Arghandab had ever figured in a Greek fairy-story as a water-nymph, the story annd have told that she had no use for human lovers because her heart was wholly given to her true mate Etymandus as the Greeks hellenised the name of the Iranian Helmand.

Between Oxus and Jumna – Arnold Joseph Toynbee – Google Books

betdeen This has happened to me in Multan. Today I corkscrewed down the Kohat side of the mountain to see the Indus in his fetters; and this will not be the last time, either, that I shall be threading my way through that arch. Gaily piebald sheep and goats were feast- ing on the stubble-fields.

Coming home to Afghanistan, they have brought America with them.

From there it spread to the whole of the rest of China and on into Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. When we arrived at the little river again, the two bathers had disappeared.

Dave Reid rated it really liked it Apr 17, Here the upper storey is Vic- torian British; the lower storey is early-nineteenth-century Sikh; and the hill on which the Sikh invaders planted their stronghold might contain layers coeval with the latest at Charsadda.

Between Oxus and Jumna by Toynbee s | MCADD-PAHAR

If I had switched my ans nearer to the present by thirteen or fourteen hundred years, my jkmna might have dwelled on the advance of Islam, up the corridor, through Ghazni and Kabul to the passes leading over the Hindu Kush into the Oxus basin, where Islam had already established itself two hundred years earlier.


He has not undercut the bluff and brought the palace toppling down into his bed. The Director of Public Works himself was on the scene, in charge of operations. I fancy that her mind was so fully preoccupied with thoughts of Etymandus that she overlooked the liberty that was betwewn taken with her without her leave. It was a once-a-week service. And the Hindu Kush has seldom served as a political frontier. Syed Azfar added it Nov 05, Saleem Afridi marked it as to-read Oct 24, Ruling, as he did, all that lies between Mashhad and Lahore, Ahmad Shah could afford to plant his new city in an exposed position.

The Ghaznavids were not soft, nor were they femin- ists. Now the author, during his lifetime a prodigious digger for facts, tells the Between the rivers of Oxus and Jumna that is from Iran through Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India there existed years humna an area nearly blank in contemporary maps.

They were not only out- numbered; they w r beteeen also outgunned. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Forbidden to re-fortify Chittor, the Rajput rulers of Mewar did better. It lurched on farther; the trees of Hund came nearer; and then, suddenly, a beween tributary of the Indus came into view across our path. To view it, click here. His neighbours keep their eye on him, and, whatever he plants, they plant. The only way to gauge it now was the awkward method of trial and error. One of the commissioners paid for this outrage by being assassinated.

Only yesterday, the rajahs and thakurs were still in the saddle.


1961 Between Oxus and Jumna by Toynbee s

The use of the Aramaic language as an international brtween of communication did not long survive the overthrow of the First Persian Empire by Alexander the Great — though a bi- lingual inscription in Aramaic and Greek, set up by the Indian Emperor Ashoka in the third century b.

As we drove northward across the broad green Shin Dand plain, my curiosity increased. In April, both ranges were still under snow, and these gleaming white boundaries of the horizon afforded a dramatic contrast to the featureless open plain under our wheels.

Aug 24, Ron Mitchell rated it really liked it. Some fifteen hundred years have passed since the mound at Charsadda ceased to grow. By the time we had climbed half-way up the Lataband Pass, we had added successive layers of clothing. It is a lovely valley, all green.

Xous good-natured policeman came with us and guided us to the spot. Her- maeus is said to have fraternised with the Kushans from the other side of the mountain-wall.

It is this tormented landscape that hems Father Indus in: I made a resolve that, if the worst came to the worst, I would ask the entire staff of the British Council office at New Delhi and the office at Lahore to escort me to the railway station, form a rugger scrum, and propel me and my luggage into humna third- class carriage, where seats are unreserved and seating is therefore unobtainable. They ran on and on till they disappeared below the southern horizon.

I can only report the facts.