March 14, 2019

CFGQ Silicon Labs 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU 8KB,24ADC,32Pin MCU datasheet, inventory, & pricing. CF datasheet, CF pdf, CF data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Silicon Laboratories, 50 MIPS / 8 Kb Flash / 24 Bit ADC MCU. CF datasheet, CF circuit, CF data sheet: SILABS – 50 MIPS, 8 kB Flash, Bit ADC, Pin Mixed-Signal MCU,alldatasheet.

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Ports P0—P2 are accessed through corresponding special function registers SFRs that are both byte addressable and bit addressable. Memory Organization and SFRs Post as a guest Name. This read-only bit indicates when the SMBus is operating as a master. The first key code has been written 0xA5.

Single Conversion, and Continuous Conversion. Either direct or indirect addressing may be used to access the lower bytes of data memory. C2 Flash Programming Control. Global DC Electrical Characteristics 4. These bits select which Port pin is used as the Comparator0 negative input.


A slave byte datashet received; ACK requested. Enable interrupt requests generated by SMB0. Please refer to the crystal datasheet when completing these calculations Refer to SFR Definition C2 Flash Programming Data.

CFGQ datasheet and specification datasheet Download datasheet. This register determines the internal oscillator period. Enable interrupt requests generated by the TF0 flag. The maximum current output of the IDACs can be adjusted for four different current settings; 0.

CF Datasheet(PDF) – Silicon Laboratories

Timer 3 interrupts set to high priority level. The slave may temporarily hold the SCL line LOW to extend the clock low period, effectively decreasing the serial clock frequency The user can program both the amount of hysteresis voltage referred to the input voltage and the positive and negative-going symmetry of this hysteresis around datqsheet threshold voltage.

Download datasheet 2Mb Share this page. The external interrupt source must hold the input active until the interrupt request is recognized. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

C8051F350 8051 8-bit Microcontroller, 50 MHz, 8 Flash(kB)

An internal reference is available differential external reference can be used for ratiometric measurements. When using the fast filter output, the decimation ratio must be set to a multiple of 8. Asynchronous CP0 unavailable at Port pin. ADC0 is not performing conversions.



ADC0 calibration in progress. Comparator0 Falling-Edge Interrupt Enable.

The memory map is shown in Figure CFGQ datasheet and specification datasheet. Interrupt 0 Type Select. Output Configuration Bits for P0.

RI0 flag is set. Software may safely read or write to the data register c8051t350 the SI flag is set. Idle mode halts the CPU while leaving the peripherals and internal clocks active. When these signals are enabled, the CrossBar must be manually configured to skip their corresponding port pins. Flash Lock and Key. The internal voltage reference circuit consists of a 1.