January 26, 2019

Section 7 of the Cadastral Act (Act No. ) provides: Sec. 7. Upon the receipt of the order of the court setting the time for initial hearing of the. Cadastral Act, Act was enacted on February 11, mandated the Director of Lands to order the conduct of a land survey that covers an entire. This is borne out by the provisions of sections 6 of Act No. , known as the Cadastral Act, and by those of section of the Land Registration Act, according.

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The road, highways, streets, alleys, water courses and other portions of land not specified as lot located within the border of the land covered by this case are declared property of the Republic of the Philippines. The majority relies on two legal provisions, namely, section 6 of Act No. That on April 2,the clerk of the Court of First Instance notified Martina Martin of the apportionment of the costs of cadastral survey of said lot pursuant to the order issued by said court on February 26,but having failed to pay said fees and costs, she was required by the Director of Lands on December 23, to pay the fees and costs corresponding to the said lot, which amounted to P The amount thus taxed against each of the lots or parcels of land shall be considered a special assessment of taxes against the respective parcels, shall constitute a first lien upon the land, and shall be collected by the Director of Lands or his duly authorized representatives in equal installments within a period of five years, bearing interest at the rate of six per centum per annum.

National identity numbers can only be provided if the conditions of section 12 of the Personal Data Act are met. If the apportionment of costs has not yet been decreed, the same section 18, paragraph bprovides that the registrar shall endorse on the certificate of transfer issued by him the incumbrance or lien appearing on the former certificate as guarantee of the payment of the costs above referred to.

In the application of the provision of the Cadastral Act, like in the application of the czdastral of any other laws, there are legal questions which arise, the interpretation of which may be susceptible of contradictory opinion. This Act shall ensure access to important land information by means of a uniform and reliable register the cadastre that will be kept of all real estate in the country, and by a clarification of boundaries and property-related matters.

Except as hereinbelow provided, no private surveyor shall be qualified to make a survey to be used in registration proceedings unless he shall have passed either the appropriate civil service examination provided for surveyors or a special examination prepared by the Bureau of Lands for the purpose of determining his competency for such work.

The notice shall be issued by order of the Court, attested by the Commissioner of the Land Registration Office, xxx. Each succeeding installment shall become due and payable at the same time as the general land taxes for the corresponding current year and shall be collected in the same manner. The fees authorized under this section shall be payable to the register upon the delivery of the titles to the owners thereof: It may perhaps be argued that the Land Registration Court can limit its decree to the partition of the land, reserving the partition of the fruits for ordinary courts.


A copy of the notice shall also be sent to the president of such municipality, township, or settlement, and to the provincial board.

This is borne out by the provisions of sections 6 of Act No. Pampanga Sugar Mills has refused and still refuses to make said payment.

The municipal treasurer of Angeles, Pampanga, by instructions of the provincial treasurer, also required Martina Martin to pay the said fees and costs. As amended by SectionAct No. Said official shall also cause a duly, attested copy of the notice to be posted, in a conspicuous place on the lands included in the petition and also in a conspicuous place upon the chief municipal building of the city, municipality, township, or settlement in which the lands or a portion thereof are situated, by the sheriff of the province, or by his deputy, or by such other person as may be designated by the Chief of the General Land Registration Office, fourteen days at least before the return day thereof.

The governor of the province shall, upon the request of the court, detail an officer or employee of the province to assist the defendants in action brought under this Act in the preparation of their pleadings and evidence, without cost to them: As the law says, the judicial decree when final is the base of the certificate of title.

And unless you appear at said acdastral at the time and place aforesaid, your default will be recorded and the titles to the lands will be adjudicated and determined in accordance with the prayer of the petition and upon the evidence before the Court and you will be forever barred from contesting such petition or any decree entered thereon.

The Cadastral Act Act.


Refusals shall be in writing and justified. Cadastral Survey prepatory to filing of petition. Petitioners insist that Cadastral Case No.

Add or remove collections. In the herein assailed Decision dated February 23,the CA granted the Republics appeal and accordingly reversed and set aside the appealed decision of the trial court, thus: At the trial, the provincial fiscal of Pampanga and the defendant, through counsel, agreed and stipulated upon the following proven facts:.


Without paying the corresponding fees for expenses of survey and costs of said lot noted as a lien according to the preceding paragraph, without any court order declaring that said costs of cadastral survey are already paid, and without presentation by Martina Martin in the office of the registrar of deeds of the corresponding receipt of payment of said fees, the registrar of deeds of the Province of Pampanga erroneously issued transfer certificate of title No.

Note that aforequoted section 19 states that the partition may be made “in proceedings under this Act,” which means during the proceedings in the cadastral case and not after the issuance of the final decree.

Add tags for CA 1. Leasehold parcels may be merged if they abut or have been created from the same parcel, and the leases have the same terms and apply to the same parties. It shall be lawful for surveyors and other employees of the Bureau of Lands to enter upon the lands whenever necessary for the making of such survey or for the placing of monuments.

As amended by See. The first installment shall become due and payable at the same time as the general land taxes for the year next succeeding the year in which the assessment of the costs shall be received by the cadqstral treasurer, and shall be collected in the same manner as such general land taxes.


Hence, when Pampanga Sugar Mills purchased said lot from Piffard, no incumbrance appeared on the latter’s transfer certificate of title. And Provided, further, That for the purpose of contribution between the heirs or devisees themselves, the amount of the debts of the estate for which each shall be liable shall bear the same proportion to the value of his share of the estate as the total amount of the legal debts paid by the heirs or devisees demanding contribution bears to the total value of the acy.

Consequently, the incumbrance in question was likewise not stated in the certificate of title issued in favor of Pampanga Sugar Mills.

The Cadastral Act (Act. no. 2259)

Before a cadastral survey can be amended so as to include land in which no publication has been made, new publication is necessary, – a step essential to the protection of persons interested in the property which is intended to be included. In all proceedings under this Act, the fees of the several registers of deeds for the making and entering of a certificate of title, including the issue of one duplicate certificate, and for the registration of the same, including the entering, indexing, filing, and attesting thereof, shall be as follows and no other fees shall be lawful: Where no guardian is appointed, or where he fails to appear, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the minors or persons of unsound mind, in the proceedings.

Hence, the payment thereof could be demanded as a lien within two years from that date.

Jose Laki for appellee. Except as herein otherwise provided, the commissioners and the court in making the partition shall be governed by the provisions of sections one hundred and eighty-five, one hundred and eighty-six, one hundred and eighty-seven, one hundred and ninety, one hundred-and ninety-one of the Code of Civil Procedure and the commissioners shall receive such compensation as the court may determine, but not to exceed three, pesos per day for the time actually and necessarily employed in the performance of the duties.

From this it follows that to subdivide a lot, as in the present case, does not call for an action for partition, but only for an application in the same cadastral or registration proceedings, as the case may be, and the court may grant it in these proceedings. Joint criteria for recording new cadastral parcels in the cadastre cadastral registration.

Payment was demanded of the defendant on September 19,many years after the special assessment in question has become due; for from the yearthe date of the apportionment, until September 19,when the defendant was required to pay the sum of P In all proceedings for partition of registered land, after the entry of the final judgment or decree of partition.

Every decision shall set forth the cadstral status of the respective claimant, the name of the spouse if married, the age if a minor, and if under disability, the nature of such disability.