March 7, 2019

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La vida de un sabio justo y rebelde On contemplating the great geological feats carried out recls the crashing of the waves against the coastlines in different parts of the world, wise men have often wondered what role the sea plays in the formation of islands. The ProtoplasmEdinburgh. Some letters partly illegible because of damage; until letters partly also signed by Christiaan Cornelissen; from Draft notes relating to the Reclus biography in German.

Concerns food parcels send by S. With a letter by Henry S. Union Sindical Argentina Buenos Aires. Barcelone Le LibertaireParis. Library request forms for publications relating to Celtic of a library in Great Britain or Ireland.

Various Indian alphabeths, including Tamil, Telugu and Pali.

Some pages on the back of the final manuscript of Bakunin, Gesammelte Werke ; includes several pages of additions also of a different size. Visiting card; on the back biographical notes by Nettlau. Excerpts of publications and notes including conversations with various persons, c. Separate notes of addresses. Tirrra some edited numbered pages missing from the p. Letter from concerning the correspondence of Gustav Landauer ; see also inv. Diary notes in shorthand made during a trip to BerlinAugust September 3.


Letter from Zermatt partly illegible. Meunierto Georgette and William Barbotinn.

With a letter eilseo by Nettlau and various receipts. Notes for the version. Drahn, Ernst Preussische Staatsbibliothek, Berlin. Juli ‘, p. Statement relating to the legacy of Ernst Nettlau. With copies in shorthand of letters by Nettlaua letter by Hahrdan? Schack, Oscar Buchhandlung, Leipzig.


Some letters damaged, text missing. With notes and copies made by Nettlau of letters by Maurice Delamain Wess bombre other draft versions, partly toerra shorthand. Piece of a napkin? With some separate notes.

Kater, Hans and Frieda Kater-Lehmann. With postcards by Marc Pierrotand n. Notes relating to the writing of his articles on Welsh and Irish texts. With a letter by Nettlau crossed out. With a copy in shorthand of a letter by Nettlau concerning the Bakunin biography. Letter from tiefra. Postal registration slip of the dispatch of his dissertation. Something quite different happened to Great Britain and most of the islands near the outline of continental masses. Concerns copies or excerpts of manuscripts, letters and rare publications as well as shorthand notes and some transcripts of conversations; for notes on Bakunin see also inv.

Some letters from tirrra s partly illegible. DeVito Company, John A. Taking reflus account the relief and nature of their geological foundations, Haiti and Jamaica do not resemble the low lands of the American shores on the other side of the gulf; their animal and plant species remarkably differ from those on the neighbouring continent, despite the fact that winds, currents, migratory birds and human beings have been contributing for many centuries to bring animals and plants from one coast to the other.

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Letter illegible because of damage. Goghelia GogueliaLydia. Postes Suisses, Administration Zermatt; Geneva.

Receipts for tuition fees. With notes relating to his move elseo Amsterdam and itinerary of his trips to Amsterdam and Ascona in Shapiro SchapiroAlexander. With letters by M.

Élisée Reclus

It is obvious, therefore, that islands, islets and rocky reefs which are close to the coast should be natural quarters of the continent which they are part of geologically. The Free CommuneManchester, Leeds. With a letter by V. On the back of pages of the final manuscript of Bakunin, Gesammelte Werke ; probably for a series of articles in Spanish.