July 14, 2019

Ernst F.W. Alexanderson, in full Ernst Frederik Werner Alexanderson, (born Jan. 25, , Uppsala, Swed.—died May 14, , Schenectady, N.Y., U.S.). Ernst Alexanderson ( – ); a Swedish-American electrical engineer, a pioneer of radio and television development; received US patents. The man who developed the high frequency generator that made this possible, and much more, was Dr. Ernst Alexanderson. Ernst Alexanderson. Alexanderson .

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Alexanderson retired from General Electric in Januaryalthough he remained a consultant engineer to the company. Move to the United States: By Alex had created a kHz 20k rpm alternator, alexandersonn all previous records. His st patent granted in was for a color alexanderwon receiver that he developed for RCA. Alexanderson’s first effort, a 50 kHz alternator, was installed in Fessenden’s radio station in Brant Rock, Massachusetts.

Other notable Alexanderson radio developments include the magnetic amplifier, the electronic amplifier, the multiple tuned antenna, the antistatic receiving antenna and the directional transmitting antenna.

Learn more about vacuum tubes here. Stone ernt American Bell Telephone came rrnst with the idea of using a high frequency alternator a rapidly spinning disk to act as a repeater to amplify signal. Alexanderson also held patents for his inventions of telephone relays, radiant energy guided systems for aircraft, electric ship propulsion, automatic steering, motors and power transmission systems, railway electrification systems, as well as inventions in the fields of radio and television.

In all, Alexanderson held patents for his inventions.


In he married his third wife, having been widowed twice already. Alexanderson devoted himself to power application of the electronic science such as power transmission with direct current.


Inafter Test, he became a member of the engineering staff designing generators under the direction of Steinmetz. He was president of the IRE during Electrical Company in New Jersey. Alex was sharp and inventively competitive. The inventor and engineer remained active to an advanced age. Coolidge Frank B.

Ernst F. Alexanderson – Electrical Pioneer

This was unveiled at the New York World’s Fair. Ernst Alexanderson, Radio Pioneer, Dies at Alexanderson is also mentioned in connection with the emergence of the patent system, that he was partially critical to. Alexanderson died at the age of ninety-seven on May 14, Alexanderson still experimenting into his 90’s. Steinmetz William Sturgeon C.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. For seven or eight years he had worked on the principle of television but the home sets are the development of comparatively recent months.

Pierce Jay Wright Forrester J. In this it has not succeeded Ernst Frederik Werner Alexanderson. In August Alexanderson published a paper in the Proceedings of the IRE, where he noted that it already had “become generally known that a new highway for world traffic has been opened up through the development of transatlantic radio communication.

By his group was able to broadcast mechanical television into the home and in General Electric gave the first large screen demonstration of television in a theatre in Schenectady.

Ginsburg John R. He was erns on January 25,in Uppsala, Sweden. He published his last professional paper in on the transistor. Fessenden’s request for a faster, more powerful unit was assigned to Ernst F. Biographies People and organizations Engineers Power generation. Alexanderson also created the amplidynea direct current amplifier used during the Second World War for controlling anti-aircraft guns.


Alexanderson designed the Alexanderson alternatoran early longwave radio transmitterone of the first devices which could transmit modulated audio aldxanderson over radio waves. Alexanderson retired from GE in although he continued as a consultant to the company for several more years.

Ernst Alexanderson – Wikipedia

Over his lifetime, Alexanderson received US patents, the last filed in at age Guglielmo Marconithe Italian engineer and inventor, visited Alexanderson in and bought one of his foot alternators for the alexanderskn Marconi Center in New Jersey. It assured reliable trans-Atlantic radio communication. Alexanderson demonstrated television in his own home as early as and in gave the first public alexandersin of television with a system that displayed the picture on a 7-foot 2-metre screen.

The magnetic amplifier was outmoded by another Alexanderson invention, the electronic modulator, which used vacuum tubes to help generate high frequency transmitters of great power. Alexanderson retired from his full-time position with General Electric in but continued to act as an ernwt consultant.

In Alexanderson began his television research.

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