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Esoteric teachers — The constitution of man — The planetary chain — The world periods — Devachan — Kama Loca — The human tide-wave. Mr Sinnett’s book misnamed ‘Esoteric Buddhism,” while there is not a single village indifference whether the esoteric Hindoo or Buddhist religion is nearest to. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine.

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According to Goodrick-Clarkeit “disseminated the basic teachings of Theosophy in its new Asian cast. Mr Esotrric was convinced of the genuineness of these phenomena, and in his book The Occult World he was at great pains to stress their authenticity.

Esoteric Buddhism – Universal Theosophy by Alfred Percy Sinnett – PDF Drive

I buddbism at one time in those early days the privilege of assisting Mr Sinnett in answering some of the enormous mass of correspondence which descended upon him esotrric all parts of the civilized world in consequence of those books.

Of the seven components that make up our personality, the three lower at the time of physical death, moving away from us. He was a man of wide-ranging interests and an open, inquiring mind, besides being a good newspaperman. As a matter of fact, he was so eager to argue his case convincingly that he wrote a second letter before he received a reply to the first one.

Burdhism allows us to more fully appreciate the vastness of the universe and the enormous time spans involved in the evolution of our souls.

Esoteric Buddhism

No trivia or quizzes yet. After three years he returned to London and became a lead-writer for The Standard. It was not until the beginning of that his epoch-making book Esoteric Buddhism was published, bddhism for a long time before that he had been in frequent correspondence with the Mahatmas, for the book is entirely based upon the information contained in the great mass of letters received from them.


E, the equatorial points wherein the descending arc intellect overcomes spirituality and in the ascending arc spirituality outstrips intellect. Sinnett stated that the Buddha is simply one of a row “of adepts who have appeared over the course of the centuries. Olcott and Madame H. To the end of his days, occult phenomena and psychism of every kind had for Mr Sinnett a great attraction.

Only 12, of those will be used for objective existence on the planets.

Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnett

Both she and Colonel Olcott claimed to have seen and to be in communication with Masters. Sinnett writes in a very captivating way, and he provides us This is definitely one of the best books on esoteric philosophy I’ve read. Lavoie noted that in Sinnett’s book there are the esoterid major questions — “the structure of the universe and spiritual evolution.

Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine gives an absolute truth.

Sir William Crookes and Mr Sinnett were old friends and had many interests in common. A word or two buddhiam, earth] added to make it apply as well to a whole manwantaric chain of worlds. Thus, specification of the “inner knowledge” addressed to modern readers will be connected with the familiar features of the Buddhist teaching.

Skip to main content. Refresh and try again. This ‘chain’ is also the fourth of our ‘planetary system’. Several of the well-known Transactions of the London Lodge are from his pen.

On the other hand, the ‘wave of life’ successively runs through seven globes in a ‘ round ‘, and this ’round’ is repeated seven times in a same ‘planetary chain’, after which the ‘wave of life’ passes to another ‘chain’, composed likewise of seven planets which will be traversed seven times in their turn. His wife Patience is 27, and her mother Clarissa Edenson a “Landowner”, is living with them. BySinnett is listed as an author.


Esoteric Buddhism – Universal Theosophy

Ivan Silvestre rated it it was amazing Aug 09, esoteriv True, it told an astounding story — a story to the ordinary man of the world all but incredible, though strangely attractive; but it told it in the most straightforward and transparently truthful manner, so that to many of us in spite of its overwhelming novelty it carried conviction upon its very face. In all his writings he appealed to the intellect of his readers and had a great power of marshalling ideas. Faith rated it it was ok Aug 04, His son Percy is also listed as an author and born in India.

On the question of the whereabouts of his teachers Sinnett says that for a long time in Tibet there is a “certain secret region,” hitherto unknown and inaccessible to ordinary people and for those living in the surrounding mountains as well as for visitors, “in which adepts have always congregated. It was at Simla that the events took place which eventually led to the letters published in The Mahatma Letters to A.

Leadbeater writes about the effect these two books had: Jane’s sister Sarah age 48 is also a teacher.