February 5, 2019

The AVC2 can have two different levels set if required (different sound levels may be . For operation outside the above ranges contact Formula Sound Ltd. Find great deals for Formula Sound AVC2 Intelligent Stereo Automatic Volume Limiter Control Unit. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Formula Sound AVC2 – Intelligent stereo automatic volume control – sound limiter unit. UK List Price £ + VAT Provides system protection without reducing.

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AVC2 Level Controller Signal Attenuator 1U

This is by far the largest use of this product. An input clip indicator is also provided. We are your one true, trade only distributor and our all-round service means that we deliver for you every time.

Good stock available, however please liaise with the sales team on high quantity orders.

Product Specifications Max input level: Print Print with pricing Print unpriced. The unit is not restricted to entertainment formuoa or fire alarm procedures however, and may be used with any sound system where a priority override is required — such as shopping centres, malls and other public areas where security announcements are required.

It should be noted that this unit is not a compressor and will not significantly change the dynamic range of the music. The Guardian has been designed to be connected between the mixer or pre-amp of an audio system and the power amplifiers. If the average programme level exceeds the threshold the unit will reduce its output level. If the button is left in the depressed position the unit will automatically reset when the control signal is removed.

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The level is reduced in discreet steps indicated by the L.

AVC2-D by Formula Sound – Formula Sound

Whether you are an Integrator, Installer, Re-seller, Hire or Events company let us become an asset to your business. Rear panel connections av2 on XLR and to avoid abuse a security panel is provided. If the lamp is illuminated continuously for 6 seconds the limit will be activated. The attenuation is gently reduced as the input signal is reduced.

Products you may also be interested in An anti-tamper relay is fitted which can be connected to an external switch to improve system security.

The unit may be connected to 4 channels of audio, normally 2 stereo pairs. Eventually the operator will run out of controls to turn up. More detailed technical information is available in the brochure.

AVC2-D by Formula Sound

There is a character limit. There are no user controls on the AVC2 to be tampered with, only a bar graph meter showing how much control the AVC2 is exercising.

Product Features There is no reduction in the dynamic range of the system under normal operating conditions The AVC2 has no external controls for the operator to worry about which also means that tampering is minimised.

As this signal level is directly proportional to the noise the loudspeakers produce we do not need a measuring microphone for the system to work. The AVC2 is an Automatic Volume Control unit and as the name suggests behaves just like someone leaning over the operator”s shoulder and turning the volume down each time he tries to turn it up above what is allowed.

What we can do is control the maximum level at which the system will formulx irrespective of what they do. This is a latching push-button, the position of which sets the reset mode. Priority input socket is connected directly to priority output socket until the unit is triggered by the control input, then it is connected to all channels as set by the level control presets, and disconnected from the priority output socket.

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The action of the AVC2 is to fade between soudn steps and is almost undetectable in use. The unit will keep returning to the attenuated level until the operating level is reduced to below the threshold.

The operating levels are adjustable via holes in the front panel. Login for Trade Price. The more the operator tries to increase the volume the more the AVC2 will decrease it, so the system will barely change in perceived volume level.

That is to say when the control signal is removed the unit will not reset until the reset button is depressed. Plenty of stock available for next working day delivery Good: D bar graph meter on the front panel of the unit. It will interface with any existing or new sound installations, and is a four channel device, with a variety of application possibilities. The control circuit can be switched between linear and A-weighting. Turning down the volume will allow the system to return back to normal operating level.

If you place your order and a we’ve not got a product in spund, a member of the sales team will contact you with manufacturer lead times or to find an alternative.