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RENE A. WORMSER CONTENTS PREFACE by drazilla carroll reece v .. Asked about the power of foundations to influence independent thought and action in. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the. Foundations, their power and influence. Front Cover. René Albert Wormser. Devin-Adair Co., – Social Science – pages.

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They granted these agents great power, a power immensely enlarged when foundations, acting in concert, supplied such substantial financing that the intermediary agent became a dominating force in its specialized area.

The Wormsre Committee held this to be a rather undemo- cratic procedure, to say the least. Such institutions already owned about half the real estate in Mexico.

Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser ( 1958)

InAlfred Kohlberg, a director of the Institute who had become suspicious of its activities, brought facts to the attention of The Rockefeller Foundation that showed beyond any reasonable doubt the real character of the Institute. Com- plaints of this kind have been unfluence against the Ford Motor Company. There foundation in existence many para-religious organizations whose only relationship to religion is that their membership comes from only one confession. Had not the Ford fam- ily created this foundation, it would have had to dispose of a large part of its ownership in the Ford Company to the public, for it is hardly possible that the family had enough liquid capital to pay the hundreds of millions of estate taxes which would have been due upon the deaths of two proprietors, Henry Ford and his son Edsel.

The extent to which foundations are today being used — in a manner generally similar to that of The Ford Foundation — to solve the problem of paying foundafions taxes when a major part of the assets of the estate consist of stock in a closely held corporation, largely prompted me to include this comment in an address at the University of Chicago in Congressional hearings on the prob- lems of small business, on mergers and antitrust issues, and on proposals to apply discriminatory legislation against large corpo- rations, have filled tens of thousands of printed pages a year.

Like his predecessors from the opposing political camp, he gives wormsed attention to the impact of foundation giving on cultural patterns and on the motivations for creativity. Honeywine marked it as to-read Dec 14, He named The Rockefeller Foundation. Just as the president of the institution, whose main job today may well be fund raising, cannot afford to ignore the bureaucrats’ wishes, so the academician cannot. There is a clear analogy between bigness in industry and big- ness in the world of foundations.

They were trans- ferred pursuant to a contract under which the Foundation agreed to assist the publishing company in its financial prob- lem and, by inference, but clear inference, to make this objective superior to its presumed charitable function. It was introduced in substitution for an earlier system of permitting the professional associations to elect representatives of their choos- ing.

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This is indicated by a statement by Messrs. It was to exercise charity in behalf of the New York Herald Tribune. The impact of foundation money upon education has been very heavy, largely tending to promote uniformity in approach and method, tending to induce the educator to pwer an agent for social change and a propagandist for the development of our society in the direction of some form of collectivism.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence by Rene A. Wormser

Keppel agreed with Beardsley Ruml, another eminent foun- dation manager: Reid and partly by his will, the estate thus saving a large sum in death taxes. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations.

Whyte states that, with few exceptions the Guggenheim foundations being an outstanding onethe great foundations concentrate their giving on institu- tions and on big team projects.

Whole libraries have been written about the alleged threat to the public welfare in the form of the growth of giant enterprises. He quotes a study that found fifty-four trus- teeships in twenty-nine poaer held by men poower were also trustees of universities.

These policy decisions may deeply effect our society.

We knew that the group of prominent men whose decisions would have to be judged extended even to intimates of the White House. Instead of supporting such power, founda- tions bear the duty to exercise the greatest tueir, lest their funds be used for such ends of thought control. My concern is with the cultural and intellectual aspects of foundation activity. The far-reaching power of the large foundations and of the interlock, has so influenced the press, the radio, and even the government that it has become extremely difficult for objective criticism of foundation practices to get into news channels without having first been distorted, slanted, discredited, and at times ridiculed.

It is very likely that these experts would be selected from those favored by the journal. Who knows what economic worldwide planning is being concocted by UN agencies, much of which will later be promoted domestically by these foundations, following their thesis that UN is the only road to peace? Such a delegation may be in order in a business inflluence, where the failure of its directors adequately to shoulder responsibility results merely in an un- happy profit-and-loss statement; all that can be lost is money.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence

The Social Science Research Council has been included in this program because it is the instrumentality most used by thfir scholars, universities and research organiza- tions for interchange of information, planning and other cooperative functions in the fields described.

Mosely trustee Harvey S. But among this minority are to be found some of the wealthiest and some of the oldest endowments.


This money does not go to the direct support of higher edu- cation. Among public-relations consultants the practice of publicly establishing the virtue of a previously despised person or institution by forming a tax-exempt foundation and beating the drum for it is quite common.

Simi- larly, the National Science Foundation, an agency of the U. Though much of the research and teaching in these disciplines may have no relationship whatsoever to politics, legislation, or even to public affairs, a large and vociferous sector of the social scientists actively seeks to redesign our government and our public life.

He did this by implying that foundation trus- tees and managers should and could assume leadership in the realm of ideas with the help of intermediary expert organizations supported, in turn, by foundation funds. Because of their relative freedom from governmental and other controls, it has been suggested that foundations may have a special mandate to enter fields of controversy, where the explosive nature of the issues would make suspect the findings of less independent organizations and where the needed financing from any other source may prove difficult.

Looking at them together, one is impressed with their lack of consistency, and this is no wonder. There are no simi- lar limitations applying to trustees or officers of foundations. Such a concentration of private support by foundations and public support through government agencies is distinctly to the detriment of higher education in our country.

A third form of complaint comes from competitors, who assert the unfairness of enabling a great corporation, through the tax- deduction vehicle, to advertise itself and promote public rela- tions and, thus, to take unfair advantage of competitors.

If, as the Cox Committee held, a foundation trustee’s job was “oner- ous” to the point of “seriously interfering” with his business, one wonders how any man could simultaneously fill thirteen or four- teen philanthropic offices effectively and conscientiously.

But he saw the infleunce of democratic forces in this expres- sion of freedom of assembly. The law applying to public servants is very strict in defining conflicts of in- terest. Debra marked it as to-read Nov 23, They point to some of the abuses of the past to illustrate the dangers inherent in the absence of effective measures for preventing political activity by founda- tions.

Some smaller foundations, like The Hillman Foundation, have anv their influence greatly amplified through the granting of an- nual awards. The growing radicalism which was beginning rapidly to permeate academic circles was no grass-roots movement.