July 11, 2019

Title: The Indolence of the Filipino Author: Jose Rizal Release Date: November, [EBook #] [Yes, we are more than one year ahead of schedule] [This. La Indolencia de los Filipinos, more popularly known in its English version, “The Indolence of the Filipinos,” is a exploratory essay written by Philippine national. Summary: Rizal admits that laziness does be among the Filipinos. but it can non be attributed to the problems and retardation of the state.

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This book was something filippino discussed in our Rizal class. Anonymous June 28, at 5: Anonymous October 2, at 7: Anonymous May 5, at 2: The old records contains numerous references to the decline of the native industries of the Philippines after the arrival of the Spaniards and the increase of Chinese trade.

The Indolence of the Filipino by José Rizal

Translated from the Spanish, with notes and a preface, and a letter from Luis Vaez de Torres, describing his voyage through the Torres Straits, by the Hen.

It is an old one, perhaps centuries old. Wherefore, Gaspar de San Agustin says: Hence “tributaries” and “families” may here be taken to mean about the same number,–D. There has besides been favoritism in instruction against indigens.

It is not only the Philippinesbut also other countries, that may be called indolent, depending on the criteria upon which such a label is based.

The ancient writers, like Chirino, Morga and Colin, take pleasure in describing them as well-featured, with good aptitudes for any thing they take up, keen and susceptible and of resolute will, very clean and neat in their persons and clothing, and of good mien and bearing.

There would also be no voice, no leader, to sow progress and to cultivate it, so that it may be reaped in due time.


It is sufficient that the foreigner praise to him the imported merchandise and run down the native product for him to hasten to make the change, without reflecting that everything has its weak side and the most sensible custom is ridiculous in the eyes of those who do not follow it. Due to forced labor, many men have been sent to shipyards to construct vessels.

Despite these efforts, the Project’s eBooks and any medium they may be on may contain “Defects”. Deprive a man, then, of his dignity, and you not only deprive him of his moral strength but you also make him useless even for those who wish to make use of him. Anonymous October 8, at Nothing from the Philippines at that time went to China, not even gold, for in those years the Chinese traders would accept no payment but silver coin.

It is necessary that his spirit, although it may be dismayed and cowed by the elements and the fearful manifestation of their mighty forces, store up energy, seek high purposes, in order to struggle against obstacles in the midst of unfavorable natural conditions.

Filipinos because of what they do.

As a second generation, half-Filipino, only knowing life in the USA, I learned more about Filipino history here in these ish pages than my entire childhood. Return to Book Page. The chief of Paragua paid everything, and moreover voluntarily added coconuts, bananas, and sugar-cane jars filled with palm-wine.

The fire destroyed the food supplies and naturally famine broke out in that town of a hundred thousand people, 12 as the historians say, and among the members of the expedition, but the neighboring islands quickly relieved the need, thanks to the abundance they enjoyed.

Chaos has been widespread. Having studied in the Colegio de San Jose in Manila. Be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading or redistributing this or any other Project Gutenberg eBook.


This situation is compounded by the Church’s wrong doctrine which holds that the rich will not go to heaven, thus engendering a wrong attitude toward work. What he lacks is in the first place liberty to allow expansion to his adventuresome spirit, and good examples, beautiful prospects for the future.

Summary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s the indolence of the Filipinos?

A mournful counselor is fear, for it not only causes weakness but also in casting aside the weapons strengthens the very persecutor! Anonymous May 10, at 6: They let him ransom himself within seven days, demanding measures cavanes? If the logical and regulated system of exploitation be chosen, stifling with the jingle of gold and the sheen of opulence the sentiments of independence in the colonies, paying with its wealth for its lack of liberty, as the English do in India, who moreover leave the government to native rulers, then build roads, lay out highways, foster the freedom of trade; let the government heed material interests more than the interests of four orders of friars; let it send out intelligent employees to foster industry; just judges, all well paid, so that they be not venal pilferers, and lay aside all religious pretext.

Other outside groups like the Spanish, Chinese, and others decided that if they worked longer and harder they could produce more, which they did. The result of this is that if a prejudicial measure is ordered, no one protests; all goes well apparently until later the evils are felt.