June 9, 2019

RichFaces Tutorial with features, configuration, architecture, a4j:log, a4j:ajax, learning Richfaces, you must have the basic knowledge of Basic Java and JSF. The next-generation JSF component framework by JBoss! The RichFaces project is an advanced UI component framework for easily integrating Ajax. The description relies on a simple JSF with RichFaces application creation process from “RichFaces Toolkit for developing Web application” video tutorial.

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Prior to JSF 2, a javax. RichFaces is built on Ajax4jsf see Related topics. The Submit button causes the results page to display, as shown in Figure This chapter describes all necessary actions and configurations that should be done for plugging the RichFaces components into a JSF appplication.

Collapsible Panel is a version 4. RichFaces 4 no longer requires org.

In version 4, Ajax functionality is often automatic or the default. Now we can move on to creating the application.

Listing 4 is a modification of Listing 1 that includes the RichFaces namespace:. If A is pressed, a sublist containing the cities starting with A is returned; J cities are handled in the same way.

If you just want to show the Jsg, set the popup attribute to false. The available cities on the list narrow as you key more characters.

My own application had several standard JSF drop-down lists that used the system color for the background. If the user presses the space bar in the City text field, the entire list is returned.


The very first things necessary for an application are the libraries so add to your dichfaces the following libraries: The example again rifhfaces the resource bundle for the value, which defines the datePattern key as yyyy-MM-dd. Maven Resource Dependency Plugin Reference article discusses plugin configuration and usage.

Add some RichFaces component to the “index.

Richfaces 4 quick tutorial

The example application uses Ajax capabilities for the AutoComplete and Collapsible Panel components. I have cases, for example, in which certain keystrokes can be ignored, so the method just returns, eliminating a trip to the database. This article has demonstrated only a few, but you should have gotten a feel for how things work under RichFaces, and seen several components that could be useful in many applications.

If you choose to use RichFaces, I encourage you to dig deeply into the a4j: Listing 12 richfqces the demo project’s Collapsible Panel markup:. Note that when you richfacee JSF 2 with a Servlet 3. The minimum attributes required are modevalueand autocompleteMethod:. An online demo of all of the components available in the suite, documentation, and other resources are available from the RichFaces project page tutofial Related topics.

We will run the JSF application on Tomcat 6.

RichFaces Tutorial

The AutoComplete component used the tutogial skins color, which made things appear inconsistent. To make it easier to compare version differences, I’ve used the same section headers in both. Its default value is server. For those who want to download and compile the RichFaces by themselfs there is an article at JBoss community that describes the RichFaces repository’s structure overview and some aspects of working with it.


Richfaces datatable example Richfaces datatable example The Datatable is used to show. The research time you invest will pay multiple dividends in your development process and run-time performance.

Subscribe me to comment notifications. There’s one more piece that you’ll see in every application: With the introduction of version 4, Richfaces is now compatible with JSF 2 and includes simplifications and efficiencies you’ll appreciate. The Rcihfaces component see Figure 3which replaces Suggestion Box, offers a way to show valid input selections without attempting that unworkable extreme. In the first place you need to make sure that Maven is installed on you local machine.

The “RichFaces Greeter” application needs a managed bean. Registering bean in faces-cofig. If you are migrating from previous RichFaces versions, setting up the Calendar component for the functionality in the demo code is virtually identical in version 4. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. The idea here is that an Accordion isf a container for Accordion Items.

However, in typical usage the components are not difficult to set up, with most attributes having reasonable defaults.

The getSelectedDate and setSelectedDate methods expect a java. In this tutorial we’ll see how to develop some rich pages using Eclipse Editor.