January 27, 2019

This Interim Operations Manual (2nd Edition) has been prepared to provide CFPSA .. The JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting Form – DND The preliminary instructions shall advise the JTF 2 applicant to bring the following Section C of the JTF 2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting Form. Interim Operations Manual for the Special Operations COXSWAIN Physical Fitness Selection Test CANFORGEN /14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2).

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I clicked the wrong message to reply to! Or recruit “Im gonna be jtf2 I’m the best” drops out half way through basic cause of some bs reason that ‘ain’t my fault’. Subject to the requirements outlined below, all CAF officers and non-commissioned members are eligible to attend the JTF 2 assessment and selection programme.

JTF 2 training pipeline.

You could be a PT stud, finish selection, and still not get picked up. The Canadian Ritness Task Force Two training pipeline is open to all male and female officers and enlisted personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces, subject to certain criteria.

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I use metric time more often than not. I’m an elite bad ass? Yeah the swimming part is what gets me. There was a SAR tech who died on that training mission when he broke his neck on deployment. Do jtf22 have what it takes?

Damn, my lifetime bests leave me one point shy for category B. Doing at least 5 pullups is very easy to train even if jttf2 are moderately overweight. Most able-bodied people who weigh lbs should be able to handle that easily, even if they don’t work out at all. Candidates will complete a PFT, medical evaluation, aptitude testing and a structured interview with a Personnel Selection Officer. They probably don’t even have you max out, they might just have to do their 3 or 5RM and then calculate it.


They probably got rid of it because of attrition rates being high. Could I with some training? Depends on your bodyweight. Any more info on how it was done? Canadian Defence Academy Press.

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Of the few that finish, fewer get picked up.

Joint Task Force Two (JTF 2) Selection & Training – Boot Camp & Military Fitness Institute

Was it actual members that shows up? I consider that pretty quick Available from World Wide Web: Vitness navigation; Patrolling; Basic and advanced weapons; and Insertion and extraction techniques. Friend of mine went and completed the selection at Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

I’m sorry mate, but you are wrong. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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These duties are performed while wearing heavy rucksack and body armour. They used the wrong one on both.

Chances are you wouldn’t make it farther than selection. Possibly, though I have fucked up hips and knees as it is.

Be parachute-trained or willing to undertake parachute training.