November 2, 2019

Julia Vinograd, considered Berkeley’s unofficial poet laureate and known to many as the “Bubble Lady,” died Wednesday after struggling. LISTENING TO THE RADIO. I am listening to the radio. I am not listening to the radio. I am listening to the silence in my room behind the radio. I am the radio. JULIA VINOGRAD was born a native of Taurus w/Pisces rising in the coal and corn bread heart of West Virginia, in She writes, “I left school to pursue a.

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Selected poems from someone who could “perhaps be called the quintessential street poet”. I always felt safe with her and she always had juoia kind word for me. She probably could only have existed in Berkeley. Literary and creative influences that she cites include: Newly available from Zeitgeist-Press. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My father Lino, owner of The Med, spoke of Julia with a lot of respect.

It’s raining between the worlds. You sweat New York City, roses, and lithium. Only the tip of its tongue curls, as if forgotten in the side of its mouth.

Julia Vinograd –People’s Park Poems

Beauty drives them crazy. I saw her just the other day, first time in ages. This book, Panic, in response to the panic too many of us find ourselves in of late, contains a unique depiction of Pan on the cover. July 1, at 4: When the blood hit the street it fizzed gold. You may use these HTML tags vinograf attributes: On the upper right is a portrait of Julia. Your foot got infected.

You’re as mulia of not going to college as a pacifist is proud of not going to war. In the poem she read me out loud she writes this:. I want Berkeley’s no-smoking ordinance to go up in cigar smoke at Moe’s memorial, they can reinstate the silly thing afterwards, if they have to.


They believed in us more than they believed in the stockmarket. Telegraph Avenue was her stomping ground, her nation. I can hear the night sucking its burnt fingers that touched the quarreling lovers. We had fast food, fast cars and movies of the slowest kiss in the world, the one that’s still going on but I can’t see it anymore.

Here is how the poetry is written — handwritten in notebook and then typed on the Smith Corona when she goes to a reading because her handwriting presents challenges for reading.

Julia Vinograd, the Berkeley poet known as ‘The Bubble Lady’ dies at 75

July 4, at 3: I recall you were also passing out one-page copies of some of your poems to interested passers-by. I fell asleep an hour ago and didn’t notice.

She has three poetry CD iulia I know this too — she probably could only exist in Berkeley. Julia Vinograd in her home. There were maps full of geography but they were the past. It was during the Vietnam war and he was giving a great uulia reading in Washington Square Park and nobody wanted to leave. InBerkeley honored Vinograd with a lifetime achievement award.

It might even be better now in the dark where nothing works. In response to the scolding, Julia offered the senior cop a soap bubble bottle.

They were wistful middle aged men who were about to meet a barefoot girl in an orange mini-skirt who’d give them a flower and take them to her pad and after one toke on a joint they’d be drugged and helpless and make love non-stop on a mattress on the floor and in the morning they’d wake up a communist.

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We’re all scared and the birthday cards painted on the sky peeled off long ago.

You know the end of the world can wait while you stop for another pack of cigarettes at the corner liquor store. Icarus must’ve juulia blown off course and landed in the bay.

As long as vinograc poem is beautiful it doesn’t need anything else and knows it. You burnt everyone, even the burning bush. They’re not sure which world they should forget. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When I was a young woman living in the Bay Area, I would often see Julia on the street and attend her poetry readings but the grandest moment was in New York City.

I remember the continual cheerful grumble that came out of Moe like cigar smoke and of course the cigars. Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” but not now. American Friends Service Committee.

Julia Vinograd from Berkeley Daze, by Richard Denner,

She was called a street poet. I remember when I was hitchhiking this couple slowed down, looked me over, and then to be sure, asked me cautiously, “Are you a psychopath? Julia Vinograd Julia Vinograd is a Berkeley street poet.