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Soul of the Four Winds was a Mastery 4 internal air kiho that was developed over two hundred years ago by a retired Iuchi shugenja. It increased the dominance. L5R (3rd Edition) – The Four Winds. Uploaded by Ayoze Ojeda. The content of this book is about the history of Rokugan. Add a lot of information and system for . Follows Legend of the Five Rings: The Clan on the game Legend of the Five Rings (L5R). The Steel Throne: The Four Winds Saga, Prelude, Wind o.

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While Sezaru was visiting the Oracles, he was also seeking Toturi Kaede. Tsudao had the aid of Akashawho would contact with the sleeping Naga to trap and fight the Tsunowihdrawing an important Daigotsu’s ally. Sezaru took Gensaiken as follower, who was secretly another disguised Pekkle no Oni. Toturi Koshei asked the Oracle where to find the Oracle of Water. After the court he travelled to Phoenix lands and met Isawa Nakamuro.

Legend of the Five Rings: The Four Winds Saga by Edward Bolme

All that remained of Tsudao was her golden amulet, and her brothers were shocked. Daigotsuwho had recovered his full power came by sea to the city to fight the Heartless. The Oracle of Thunder would tell Sezaru nothing. Sezaru wanted to speak with his father’s soul, and Juri accompanied him to the passage to Meido.

A smaller group of Bloodspeakers attacked and the Wolf’s army could not retreat. From there he had to find a way to Yomi and later to Tengokuwhere the soul of Toturi was resting. The same night Sezaru reached Kyuden Isawa, an assassin tried to kill him, but was widns defeated. This year an imprisoned bloodspeaker confessed that there was to be a gathering of many prominent Bloodspeakers in the Northern Wall Mountains.


The Wolf was surprised the Scorpion had gathered this knowledge, so Angai went further and exposed her as member of the secretive Kuroiban. Sezaru warned Naseru about Hotekuhime, who was loyal to the Emperor only because she still loved Naseru.

The Bloodspeakers’ war upon the Empire changed that, however, and to his brother the Emperor, Sezaru became the monster he had hidden away for so long.

Four Winds.jpg

On the day of his gempukkuhe killed an oni sent to murder him. The Shogun had maps from the Hiruma showing the swiftest, safest way through the Shadowlands, if the location were known. During his contention for his father’s throne, he was known as The Wolf [1] and Son of the Void. Sezaru teleported the surviving Winds back to Kyuden Seppun. After the dead of Mirabu Sezaru was becoming more and more unstable.

Kuni Utagu then died in mysterious circumstances, and Sezaru was suspected. Sezaru had promised to aid Katamari einds purging the Burning Sands of the few khadi who remained, after Iuchiban was already dead.

The Wolf willingly accepted Kosei’s oath, granting upon him the name of the Imperial Line.

Sezaru and Koshei fled, though Yokubo took Sezaru’s Mask as a prize. This year, shortly after the death of the descendant of ShinseiRosokuat the hands of the 5lr ShukumeiAsahina Sekawa was proven to be enlightenedand became the Keeper of the Five Rings. Since the Blood Hunt the Council held an eye over Sezaru. She disappeared into the Void [13] leaving the Throne empty. The four available members of the Council and Naka Tokei began a ritual in the Grove of the Five Masterswhile Togashi Satsu and Sezaru fought the immense oni gaving time for the ritual.

He became aware of the Battle of Toshi Ranbo instantly, and the horror of it shattered what little remained of his mind. Isawa Taeruko completed the spell with her sacrifice, and the monster was sent to its slumber again.


At first, the Wolf was not interested by the Throne, and only winde to avenge his father’s death by discovering and killing his murderer. Sezaru’s behavior had rapidly spiraled out of control until he was dangerously unstable. Naseru proclaimed him the Master of Enlightenment in a ceremony at Toshi Ranbo. During the travels in the Spirit Realms Sezaru’s form was a wolf much larger than his physical body.

You desire only the best for the Empire, as he does. Osuno also said that Sezaru could not avenge his father’s death through hatred alone.

Sezaru was the only non- Lion to have trained beside the sodan-senzo in over five hundred years. The only servant who l5e was Gensaiken. A fierce battle ensued, but Sezaru prevailed thanks to an illusion of Shiba Aikune created by his wife Isawa Angai.

Four Winds March | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It was during their conversation that the wards Sezaru had placed around the Imperial Palace were first broken. Sezaru met Oracle of Air at Sunset Tower obtaining the name of the person who slew his father. Toturi TsudaoHantei NaseruKaneka. The Voice was always stronger when he was within the Void. The truth is that the murderer was no one else than Asako Ryomawho did not accept the Jade Champion’s accusation on his master.

Sezaru was always a soul tormented by incredible power, the legacy of his Oracle mother. Sezaru was aware of the conspiracy and fully supported his brother. Sezaru and his men were pinned in the mountains, attacked by a far more sizeable force.

This Imperial Families related article is a stub.

And you both believe that the other cannot achieve such goals.