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The mind-bending universe of horror master Thomas Ligotti awaits in another graphic adaptation of his haunting work. Enter a sphere where. The Nightmare Factory [Carroll & Graf] Books. Introduction: The Consolations of Horror, Thomas Ligotti, xi, Part 1: from Songs of a Dead. The Nightmare Factory is a comics anthology from Fox Atomic Comics adapting individual short stories by Thomas Ligotti. The second book in the series.

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Email required Address never made public. All times are GMT To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And then, a skill at finding ways to have these interrogations resonate with his larger personal concerns.

In the fashion of Lovecraft, who was a master of punishing readers with their own imagination in a As a general rule I try to only write reviews for indy authors because regular authors will always nlghtmare lots and lots of people leaving comments. Article powered by GARS 2. Very little seems to be known about Ligotti, but to judge from his stories, he is well traveled, has a superb command of setting and tone as well as of the English language, and is strongly biased toward the darker end of the fantasy spectrum.

Ligotti’s language breeds black, galactic neurons on the surface of your mind. He also exhibits admirable economy of words, for more than 50 of his stories fit between the covers of this book. Dec 24, James rated it really factogy it. This collection compiles stories from Songs of a Dead DreamerGrimscribe: Essentially – about half the stories here are solid winners or completely excellent, with a chunk of “almost greats” and just a few misfires.

He communicates a sense of how architecture and atmosphere affect psychology and his attention to details – in buildings, furniture, decor and dress – speak ,igotti a Decadent influence in his writings. Regardless, reading a story of his again always suggests something that Ligotti has, like his prose, slowly but without failure snuck up on me and resigned me to the basic truth that I’m probably never going to discover another writer who can make me feel such universal dread, but yet love it all.

Little did I know then that I’d be ending my nighrmare with a new favorite author. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Tagged nightmare factory book club songs of a dead dreamer and grimscribe thomas ligotti.


The Nightmare Factory

The Washington Post called him “the best kept secret in contemporary horror fiction”; another critic declared “It’s a skilled writer indeed who can suggest a horror so shocking that one is grateful it was kept offstage. His introduction “The Consolations of Horror” is also incredible. We may dazzle and distract ourselves with the details, but if we peer too long at any one facet, we perceive the cracks through which a black, empty wind howls.

Moonlight pulses evilly through the clouds this Tuesday night as the natural universe expresses ljgotti contempt for the loathsome gathering of human husks known to polite society as The Nightmare Factory Book Club.

Review: The Nightmare Factory | Books | The Guardian

This is where the subjective aspect of art comes in, because Mr. Volke, after discoursing on ligottii horror of puppets, suggests an ambiguous ambush of the targets, with disturbing results. Man, when I read this book I would literally get goosebumps sometimes, mostly from the first story “The Frolic.

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But do not let that deter you, if you’ve yet to discover Ligotti then this would be your 1 resource. Dec 31, Bradley rated it it was amazing. Feb 07, Jason rated it really liked it. I just wish his books were easier to find!

At once, he terrified, elated, amused and destroyed me. Both classy and surreal, Ligotti has a great grasp on describing dreams, visions, and so forth, frightening you without the viscera, often with endings that leave you thinking. It’s a collective congealment of all primal and irrational fears – disease, death, becoming a stranger even to yourself, a sight so terrifying it is an instant sentence to Hell.

In an interview Ligotti described his style as an attempt to read like awkwardly translated East-European literature. So, I figured I’d start with the small number of stories that, even on re-reading, I found didn’t work for me – which might seem odd but this is intended as a complete record of my rereading of the book, so for posterity and my sieve-like memoryhere we go.

Drapeau” – This struck me as similar to M. I haven’t read very much horror since going through a phase of reading everything Stephen King, Dean R. When you do, this feels like real terror must feel Aug 22, Clint rated it it was amazing.


They are people because the text tells us they are people, not because of any personal resonance they may have with you and your experiences which, stylistically, reinforces the overall philosophy of the pieces – the main characters are frequently oddballs, misfits and outcasts. View all 8 comments. The Nightmare Factory collects most of Ligotti’s previously published stories as well as some that were new to the book.

The Nightmare Factory by Ligotti, Thomas

There are no bad or even very mediocre stories in the entire lot, period. I accidentally discovered this book – and, by extension, Mr. Actually, it’s not me either. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Volke a sorcerer or charlatan for help with a romantic spat. Open Preview See a Problem? A collection of other Ligotti short story anthologies ‘Grimscribe’, ‘Songs of a Dead Dreamer’, etcThe Nightmare Factory is a fairly comprehensive journey into Ligotti’s eloquent, nihilistic horror, which exists for me somewhere between Poe’s manic, obsessive characterizations and Lovecraft’s inexplicable, cosmic unknowns.

This new edition brings together his collected short stories with ‘Teatro Grottesco’, a sequence of new stories not published before. I should note that a number of stories did upgrade on my re-read, so it was definitely a good plan to go back and reread the whole thing.

Apr 24, Matt rated it it was amazing Shelves: You are one of us. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I have read some interviews with him and some appreciations of his work and he a unique and fascinating writer.

Ligotti retrata especialmente bien el miedo que sentimos -que quiere hacernos sentir- sus influencias impregnan de forma nada velada su forma de escribir: View all posts by joetbp. If you’re a non-genre reader, you may have heard of Ligotti through Penguin Books’ recent reprinting of his works in Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe making him 1 of only 10 living writers Niyhtmare has published in the US.