March 15, 2019

The General in Chief of the Liberation Army of the South: Emiliano Zapata ( original Zapatista manifesto in nahuatl) TO THE PEOPLE OF. Lacondon Jungle December 31, TODAY WE SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO: MEXICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation often referred to as the Zapatistas [ sapaˈtistas], is a far-left libertarian-socialist political and militant group that controls.

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Manifiesto Zapatista EZLN | rEVOLt in | Pinterest | Power to the people, People and Artwork

Brothers andsisters of other races and languages, of other colors, but with the same heart now protect our light and in it they drink of the same fire.

It bet upon the exhaustion and frustration of the Zapatistas, and the government delegation placed all its energies to breaking the dialogue, confident that it would then have all the arguments in its favor for the use of armed force, securing what reason could not secure. We ask for the unconditional surrender of the enemy’s headquarters before we begin any combat to avoid any loss of lives.

There are words and worlds which are lies and injustices. When the homeland speaks its indian heart, it will have dignity and memory. The Zapatista Front of National Liberation is born today, and we extend an invitation to participate in it to the factory workers of the Republic, to the laborers of the countryside and of the citys, to the indigenous peoples, to the colonos, to teachers and students, to the mexican women, to young people across the country, to the honest artists and intellectuals, to responsible priests and nuns, and to all the Mexican people who do not seek power, but rather democracy, liberty, and justice for ourselves and for our children.

Esteban Moctezuma campaigned to reach a peacefully negotiated solution to the Zapatista Crisisbetting it all on a creative strategy to reestablish a dialogue between the Mexican Government and the EZLN to find peace, by demonstrating to Marcos the terrible consequences of a military solution. A year-old UNAM economics student, Alexis Benhumea, died on the morning of June 7,after being in a coma caused by a blow to the head from a tear-gas grenade launched by police.


The ideology of the Zapatista movement, Neozapatismosynthesizes Mayan tradition with elements of libertarian socialismanarchism[32] [33] and Marxism. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Ignoring Article 39 of the Constitution which it swore to uphold on December 1,the supreme government reduced the Mexican Federal Army to the role of an army of occupation.

In late and earlythe Zapatistas through Subcomandante Marcosalong with other indigenous peoples of the Americasannounced the Intercontinental Indigenous Encounter. In the midst of threats zapqtista penuries, the indigenous Zapatista communities and civil society have managed to raise these centers of civic and peaceful resistance which will be a gathering place for Mexican culture and cultures of the world.

It spoke before with other languages and in other lands. A political force which can organize the demands and proposals of those citizens and is willing to give direction through obedience. The declaration for the conference designated this date because zapatistz ” years since the invasion of ancient Indigenous territories and the onslaught of the war of conquest, spoils and capitalist exploitation”.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Participant in Chiapas conflict. We will always live. Zaparista image of the ignorant Indian, pusillanimous and ridiculous, the image which the Powerful had decreed for national consumption, was shattered, and the indigenous pride and dignity returned to history in order to take the place it deserves: On May 3—4,a series of demonstrations protested the forcible removal of irregular flower vendors from a lot in Texcoco for the construction of a Walmart branch.

Views Read Edit View history. Once the EZLN understood that the government refused to concentrate seriously on the national conflict which manifiestoo war represented, it took a peace initiative in mnifiesto attempt to unravel the dialogue and negotiations.

Never before in the history of the world or the nation had a peaceful civil society dialogued with a clandestine and armed group. Ancestral domain Free, prior and informed consent Intellectual property Land rights Language Self-determination in Australia in Canada in the United States Traditional knowledge ecological medical Treaty rights.

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The nhuatl for Salinas, who reformed and altered the Constitution now have amnesia and are among the most enthusiastic persecutors of the man under whom they acquired their wealth.

Once it took up that dialogue for peace again, forced by the pressure of international and national civil society, the government delegation once again took the opportunity to demonstrate clearly its true motivation for the peace negotiations. As a result of this plebiscite, the legitimacy of the Zapatista demands were ratified, a new push was given to the broad opposition front which had become stagnated and clearly expressed the will to see the Zapatistas participating in the civic political life of the country.

Like a star, the dignified and heroic resistance of the indigenous Zapatista communities illuminated and wrote a beautiful lesson in Mexican history. To the people of Mexico To the peoples and governments of the world Brothers We were born at night In it we live We will die in it But the light will be? As a result, on trips abroad, the president of Mexico is routinely confronted by small activist groups about “the Chiapas situation”.

Those contained in the First Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and added throughout the past two years of insurgency. Our struggle is for life and the bad government offers death as a future. We invite national civic society, those without a party, the citizen and social movement, all Mexicans to construct this new political force.

We have been made from true words. English translation of Manifiesto Zapatista by Manu Chao.