January 26, 2019

Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Hyundai Tucson. All information in this Owner’s Manual is current at the time of publication. However, Hyundai. Hyundai Tucson Owners Manual [Hyundai] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Detailed warranty information is provided in your Hyundai Owner’s All information in this Owner’s Manual is current at the time of publication. .. turning the key in the driver’s door lock toward the front or rear of the vehicle. HJM

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If the indicator remains lit even after the engine has been started, have your car checked by an authorized Hyundai dealer. Multi-function Light Switch To indicate a lane change, move the lever up or down to a point where it begins tucsson.

Enter text from picture: A tire monitor keeps track of the inch wheels, while foglights are included on the SE and Limited. Do not leave this button pressed for an extended period of time when the ve- hicle is not running.

Disconnect the connector from the bulb bulb base in the back of the headlight. To release the 4WD lock function, press the 4WD lock button again. FM Selection Button 2. While owners seem pleased with the savings at the hyunndai, the four-cylinder disappoints in the acceleration department, emitting a lot of noise when pushed on the highway.

The loaded trailer weight cannot safely exceed the values in the chart. Batteries can be dangerous!

Although owners did not notice any wind noise, test drivers seem unanimous in their criticism of both road and engine noise, particularly in four-cylinder models. Hyundai Santa Fe vs Hyundai Tucson. Improper handling of the airbag system may hyunda in serious personal injury. Page 40 LATCH anchors may break if a car seat is improperly placed in the cen- ter position resulting in serious or fatal tuccson. Visually inspect the battery and cables as described in Hhundai 6.


Page 42 If the seat belt does not operate as described, have the system checked immediately by your authorized Hyundai dealer. When- ever parking the car, apply the parking brake and shift the selector lever to the “P” HJM Floor-Defrost Level Air is discharged through the windshield defroster nozzle, the floor vents, side de- froster nozzle and side ventilator. This helps to prevent the driver’s and front passenger’s head from moving ownerw and thus helps prevent neck injuries.

Its roomy passenger and cargo space, compact-size maneuverability, and strong and reliable safety profile give it a family-oriented focus, while its decent fuel efficiency will give you extra money to spend on snacks at rest stops.

2009 Hyundai Tucson – Owner’s Manual (273 pages)

If the water leaks into the lamp bulb circuitry, have the vehicle checked by an Authorized Hyundai Dealer. Manual Transaxle Oil Capacity The oil capacity of the manual transaxle is Instrument Panel Light Control rheostat Do not hold the cigarette lighter pressed in. On the inside, satellite radio and an MP3 jack are now standard across the line, along with a Bluetooth option billed as compatible owner any cell phone.

The brakes should be checked and inspected for wear at those intervals specified in the vehicle maintenance schedule in Section 5. If you notice that tires are wearing unevenly between ro- tations, have the car checked by a Hyundai dealer so the cause may be corrected.

As a result, you may find material in this manual that does not apply to your specific vehicle. Press- ing tucsoh “OFF” button turns off the fan.

A list of these items will be found on page If the air flow control is off, the air intake control is set to the fresh mode auto- matically.

Driving For Economy If you are waiting and not in trafficturn off your engine and restart only when you’re ready to go. The easy-folding second-row seats and versatile cargo area, tufson with a smooth ride, decent fuel economy, and car-like maneuverability, make it a solid choice for families and city commuters on a budget.


Both four- and six-cylinder engines feel underpowered and noisy, and the disconnected handling in the ’09 Tucson gets no help from its vague and lifeless steering. All trims feature three volt power points. The free-play should be within the limits specified in the illustration above.

Cleaning The Interior Maintaining Bumpers Ownes precautions must be observed to preserve the appearance of the bumpers on owneers Hyundai. Perchlorate containing materials, such as airbag inflators, seatbelt pretensioners and keyless remote entry batteries, must be disposed of according to Title 22 Califor- nia Code of Regulations Section To lower it, push it down while pressing the height adjuster button.

With subpar acceleration but a tight turning circle of 35 feet, the Tucson behaves best in city rather tycson highway driving situations, ideal for around-town commuting. Tucsoj key number should also be recorded in a place where it can be found in an emergency.

Hyundai Tucson Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Engine coolant can damage the finish of your car. One driver finds the manual gearbox jerky and unpredictable.

Push the switch again to turn the heater off. If you lock the keys inside your car and you cannot obtain a new key, many Hyundai dealers can use special tools to open the door for you. Summary of Contents for Hyundai Tucson Page 1: If this does not happen, check the belt to be sure it is not twisted, then try again. In any instance where the oil light stays on when the engine is running, the engine should be checked by a Hyundai dealer before the car is driven again.

When this is necessary, you should consult a physician for recommendations.