January 26, 2019

Based on the BC chipset, this Bluetooth module will serve as master and slave in one unit, allowing up to 10 meters (roughly 10 yards) or wireless data. You can use this module to communicate between two microcontrollers like Arduino or communicate with any device with Bluetooth. lent Bluetooth Module, it is fully certified to Blue- Radio Chip: CSR BC Memory: 5V voltages out of the Bluetooth module when operated with a 5V host.

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HC-31 Bluetooth 2.0 Module -BC417

When there is an active connection the LED is solid on. No user code specific to the Bluetooth module is needed at all in the user microcontroller program.

HTML is not translated! We can connect it directly to the Arduino RX pin. Every serial data given to this pin will be broadcasted via Bluetooth. Module has entered Command Mode Repeated Blinking: This is good if all you want is to make 2 things talk to each other. We can also configure the default values of the module by using the command mode. When the modules are first powered on they go in to AT mode.


So, if you are not able to complete a command entry within a second, it gluetooth be ignored. Submitted by admin on 10 March So — the question is, have you come across boards that look like HC, advertise as HC06 but will not respond to AT commands? I have no real use for these except to see if they are different to previous versions.

But, the photos in the data sheet feature modules without the logo.

Wireless communication between two microcontrollers 2. With more than year experiences in the wireless connectivity, which ensure us have the capability for providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration cost and shortening product customization cycle to thousands of diverse customer worldwide.

Not Rated Quantity Discount: There are many android applications that are already available which makes this process a lot easier.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Connection successful in Data Mode. Waiting for connection in Data Mode Blink twice in 1 sec: It is Class1 BT module.

Click to enlarge Price: For this you can use our free HT Comm program. Indicates the status of Module Blink once in 2 sec: Most PCs cannot use a baud rate above The HC enters AT command mode at start up. I have an Arduino sketch that tries to communicate at a list of available speeds.

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I have included an older English data sheet for the same firmware in the downloads section below. EDR, up to 3Mbps Interface: Two others were bluetooyh same as each other, had no identifying marks on the module and did have pushbutton pads.

Wireless Bluetooth RS TTL Transceiver Module | BTMODULE |

Do you provide samples? Here is more correct information:. So if you datasheett for a Wireless module that could transfer data from your computer or mobile phone to microcontroller or vice versa then this module might be the right choice for you.

After a connection has been made the modules go in to transmission mode. Here AT commands can be entered via the wired serial connection. Not response to AT commands at all.