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alone, the IMO MODU Code alone, or a combination of these regulations. sections of the ABS MODU Rules, the IMO MODU Code and. CFR Section(s). Standards Body: e. IMO Resolution A Code for the Construction and. Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. (MODU Code). 46 CFR. Online Shop | IMO Publications | Marine Technology | MODU Code, Consolidated Free UK delivery on MODU Code, Consolidated Edition.

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Alarms should be maintained until they are accepted and the visual indications should remain until the fault has been corrected, when the alarm system should automatically reset to the normal operating condition.

1989 MODU Code, Consolidated 2001 Edition

This can be downloaded from the IMO website using the link above and purchased titles must be added to it before they can be viewed. A copy of the approved continuous survey programme, together with the record of the surveys, should be retained on board the unit and the Certificate issued in accordance with 1. If the Administration is satisfied that the safety of the unit is not impaired, the bilge pumping arrangements and the means to detect the presence of water may be dispensed with in particular compartments.

The indicators should rely on movement of the valve spindle. However, for purposes of the application of chapter nodu, the space where the emergency source of power is located is not considered as being a control station.

In addition, a sufficient number of lifejackets should be stowed in suitable locations for those persons who may be on duty in locations where iml lifejackets are not readily accessible. An alarm should be provided that will indicate failure of any one of the supply phases.

This professional development diploma has been designed to provide the necessary knowledge required for offshore surveyors to get and remain up to date and highly skilled. Incompatible goods should be segregated from one another.

The rated capacity for each reeving should be included in the operating manual. The Administration may permit counter-flooding as an operational procedure. They should be located and monitored in such a way that the accumulation of liquids is detected at pre-set levels, at normal angles of inclination.


Describe the methodology required to prepare for and perform various types of offshore survey. The radar transponders should either be stowed in locations from which they can be rapidly placed in any survival craft other than the liferaft or liferafts required by Except in spaces of restricted height and where their use is specially appropriate, detection systems using only thermal detectors should not be permitted.

MODU Code ( Edition) – Maritime publications

Daar kan niet mee worden vergeleken. When passing through bulkheads, this length should be divided preferably into imk on each side of the bulkhead. This does not preclude the supply to the air receiver of the emergency generator set from the main or auxiliary compressed air system through a nonreturn valve fitted in the emergency generator room. The Certificate should be issued or endorsed either by the Administration or by any person or moduu recognized by it. Minimization of hazardous substances in design and construction e.

The modes of operation of a unit include the following: Other arrangements for the enclosures of electrical components may be fitted provided the Administration is satisfied that an equivalent protection is achieved.

Emergency repairs may be carried out on board the unit; however, permanent repairs should be effected at an approved servicing station. In determining the acceptability of such criteria, the Administration should consider at mpdu the following and take into account as appropriate: When such a freeboard is assigned, seasonal marks above the modj of the ring should not be marked and any seasonal marks below the centre of the ring should be marked.

New guidance on number and distribution of portable fire moodu. A new certificate should only be issued when the Government issuing the new certificate is fully satisfied th2;t the unit is in compliance with the requirements of 1.

1989 MODU Code (2001 Edition)

Where a fall cannot be turned end for end a careful inspection should take place after imoo months. That portion, or portions, of the intermediate survey addressing structure may be carried out during the dry-dock survey. Update and incorporation of IEC standards for electrical equipment in hazardous areas. The Administration may permit or require deviations from these angles, taking into consideration the type, size and service conditions of the unit.


If a full muster, drill or training session is not held at the appointed time, an entry should be made in the log-book stating the circumstances and the extent of the muster, drill or training session held Permanente link Ingangsdatum: A report of the inspection should be entered in the log-book.

Consideration should be given to the consequences of the failure of systems and equipment essential to the safety of the unit. A standard of at least IP x 2 is suitable.

One of the circuits may pass through the emergency switchboard. An Administration may allow underwater inspections in lieu of dry-docking provided it is satisfied that such inspections are equivalent to a dry-dock survey.

All e-reader files are locked to an individual computer. Where the Administration so allows, one of the brakes may be replaced by a manually operated brake. Where mechanical ventilation is applied it should be such that the hazardous enclosed spaces are maintained with under-pressure in relation to the less hazardous spaces or areas and non-hazardous enclosed spaces are maintained in overpressure in relation to adjacent hazardous locations.

The freeboard should not be less than that computed from the Convention where applicable.

If the liferaft or liferafts cannot be readily mocu for launching on either side of the unit, the total capacity available on each side should be sufficient to accommodate the total number of persons on board.

Larger diameter nozzles may be permitted at the discretion of the Administration. See figure below. The attachments to the hull or structure should be such as to adequately withstand the stresses imposed when an anchor cable is loaded to its breaking strength.

You may also likeā€¦ Hot. The fixed metal ladders or stairways and sea areas in their vicinity should be adequately illuminated by emergency lighting.